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KBE 76 AD is a choice without compromise!

Modern and best-in-class PVC window and door system. The highest quality, measurable savings on energy costs, optimal noise protection, some protection against burglary and a variety of possibilities for shaping the external surface testify to the advantages of the system.   

Choosing windows in the KBE 76 AD system, you make the right decision, increasing your quality of life! Windows KBE 76 AD are characterized by all the parameters of a modern window of the future.

From the point of view of The Shape of the geometry through functionality, statics and thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients, to environmental protection, the system meets not only the current requirements, but above all the requirements of the future.   

The innovative design of the KBE 76 AD system allows the installation of modern 3-pane packages up to 48 mm thick and a variety of functional glazing. Thanks to intelligent mounting techniques, professional installation is carried out quickly, efficiently and without much effort. Replacing old windows with new ones-modern windows in the KBE 76 AD system is therefore a pure pleasure. 

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