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KBE 70 - a modern profile system that meets high requirements for thermal insulation. Thanks to 5 cameras and a width of 70 mm, windows from the KBE 70 profile are almost 20% warmer than windows from conventional narrow systems.  

And the possibility of installing a wider double-glazed window will allow you not only to keep warm and cozy at home, but also to save money on heating by giving up additional heaters.  

  • The most optimal depth of construction. 

  • Maximum amount of light in spaces, thanks to the use of narrow profiles.  

  • Increased statics - unlimited possibility of constructing high balcony doors and large windows.  

  • Special profile construction-double thermal protection. 

  • Elimination of thermal bridges inside profiles. 

  • The possibility of embedding exceptionally warm glass sets.  

  • Universal, timeless window design perfectly suited to modern buildings and renovations.  

  • Heat transfer coefficient Uf up to 1.2 W / (m2K).  

  • 5-chamber technology.  

  • Triple glass package up to 44 mm.  

  • Modern window design with a wide range of colors; the ability to choose wood-like and uniform colors.  

  • Lead - free zinc-calcium stabilizers greenline. 

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